how do i lease a logistic for gold mining

Hobby Mining (Page 1) / Small Scale Gold Mining ... Jun 14, 2014· Just flipping through the August Gold Gem & Treasure magazine, there's a 125ac gold mining lease at Clermont, with camp, hardly mined. Might have sold but I've noticed leases there for sale from time to time. Make sure they aren't worked out. You couldn't do anything on 1ha unless you're digging for gems maybe. California Gold Maps | Gold Claims When you first open the California gold map you will see a satellite view of the state boundaries with yellow and orange clusters throughout. Those yellow (lode claims) and orange (placer claims) clusters represent high concentrations of active gold mining claims. Sustaining Ecology | Keren Raiter's research and ... I had to first do a logistic transformation, model linearly, and then back-transform the modelled values. The following line of code shows how I logit-transformed the proportion of area disturbed ('dist_perc'), after adding 0.001 to each value (I had to do this as logit only works on values between 0 and 1, exclusive).    Read More