differen usage of iron ore grades

Metal prices as a function of ore grade Metal prices as a function of ore grade W.G.B. Phillips and D.P. Edwards The authors are both with the Systems The study forms part of a larger programme of research aimed at the Analysis Research Unit, Department of Methodology and specifications guide Iron ore revising published prices and the criteria Platts uses to determine when it publishes a correction. Part VI explains how users of Platts assessments can contact Platts for clarification of data that has been published, or to share a complaint. It also describes how to find out more about Platts complaint policies. What is Ore? - Definition, Types, Uses & Examples - Video ... Sedimentary ore deposits include banded iron formations, and gold, platinum, zinc, tin, and even diamond-containing ores that formed in sedimentary environments. Lastly, ores can form as a result ... A List of Iron Alloys and Steel - ThoughtCo Iron is a versatile element used all around us every day. This is a list of iron alloys. Included are various types of iron and steel.    Read More