types of machines used for breaking of stones

Rock Breaking Tools | Career Trend The ability to break rock is an important function of modern society. Every day, miners and workers in quarries are demolishing rock with machines and hand tools in order to provide the world with important minerals, including gold, silver and copper. Cutting Tool Applications Chapter 16: Grinding Wheels and ... Diamond: Two types of diamond are used in the production of grinding wheels: natural and manufactured. Natural diamond is a crystalline form of carbon, and very expensive. In the form of bonded wheels, natural diamonds are used for grinding very hard materials such as . A Glossary of Gardening Tools | Tiger Sheds They can be used to till large areas of soil and break up compacted dirt clods. It can also rake out weeds and stones in areas that do not contain desirable plants. The tool is available in many forms but commonly features four sturdy prongs attached to a long handle with a "D" or "T" shaped end.    Read More