compressive strength of a concrete masonry unit

CHAPTER 21 MASONRY | 2014 Florida Building Code | ICC ... Florida Building Code Strength and Elastic Properties of Aerated Concrete Blocks ... concrete made with natural aggregate originating from hard Abstract—These Aerated concrete block is a type of masonry unit manufactured by precast technique. Aerated concrete is produced by the mixing of Portland cement, sand, water and pre-formed stable Prism Compressive Strength Prism Testing - C1314 Net area compressive strength of CMU units (psi) Type M or S mortar Type N mortar 1,700 1,900 2,000 2,250 2,500 2,750 3,000----1,900 2,000 2,600 3,250 3,900 4,500 1,900 2,350 2,650 3,400 4,350-----Constitutive Properties 2 Prism Testing - C1314 1. Build 2-unit high stack bond prism. Can be half units. 2. Prism is sealed in moisture-tight bag until 2 days before testing. 3. Concrete Q & A: Low-Strength Concrete Masonry Units Although our contract documents specified a compressive strength of masonry (f´m) of 2500 psi (17.2 MPa), the contractor erred and constructed walls assuming an f´m of 1500 psi (10.3 MPa).    Read More