what is the best screening plant

Narrow Screening Plants for Southern California, Part I Great posting, though I still find myself stumped (forgive the pun): I need to plant some sort of screening plant, as the neighbor's house can otherwise look right in to my backyard (and a brick block wall is not the loveliest of landscaping choices!). Selecting the Right Privacy Tree - NurseryTrees of all of our privacy trees.-----See our Trees Growing in the Fields! We have a beautiful 8 minute drone video of our Snohomish tree farm. with many of the trees identified. Click here. -----Article: Discusses all of our privacy tree options, pros and cons, with "Before & After" photos. Click here. Screening plants - Hedge Plants Why plant privacy screening hedging Of course, many homeowners choose to erect a fence or wall to act as a boundary, whilst these options produce instant results, they also bring with them extra costs and hassle down the road.    Read More