uses of corundum mineral

Minerals That Can Be Used as Abrasives - ThoughtCo Corundum is the workhorse abrasive of sandpaper. Extremely hard (Mohs 9) and sharp, corundum is also usefully brittle, breaking into sharp fragments that . Corundum: The Strangely Prolific Mineral | BEYONDbones The mineral has a hardness of 9 on the moh's hardness scale, just under diamond. Since corundum has historically been cheaper than diamond, it was chosen as the material to create "jewel" watch bearings. The reason a hard mineral was needed to create watch bearings is because friction is a big problem in mechanical watches. Corundum | RusGems Corundum is the most interesting mineral on the planet. It is possible to find corundum in almost any color in nature, and even with a color change effect depending .    Read More